The problem with rage

Nothing good ever comes of stomping around and smashing shit into itty bitty pieces just ’cause you’re ticked off. Sometimes I want to punch people in their necks, but because I enjoy having friends (and life outside of prison) I try very hard not to take things personally or act on impulse. Give in to those urges and you wind up sweaty and frustrated, wondering how all your toys got broken and why everyone thinks you’re a jerk.

The problem with rage is that you can’t reason with it, and it’s almost never constructive. The last thing I want (and one of my biggest pet peeves, of which there are many) is to rant for the sake of ranting. If something’s worth complaining about it’s worth trying to fix, or, at the very least, learning to adjust your own attitude. ‘Cause frankly–and I know from experience–sometimes your attitude sucks.

So. The purpose of BECKY SMASH (aside from the piles of creative writing that will no doubt make up the bulk of my posts), isn’t to piss on the things I hate. It exists as a place where I can organize my rage-thoughts before I do something dumb in public. Here, Logic & Reason reign. At least, that’s the idea.

If I post something here, know that I’ve spent a good deal of time thinking about what’s making me angry. I’ve probably talked to at least one friend (or opponent) to get an outside perspective. At the very least, I’ll have tried to come up with a well-articulated position and some possible solutions.

Because rage sucks, and it ain’t the boss of me.


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