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Tell me a story

Individuality is the sum of consciousness. Two identical people in identical rooms, in identical chairs, in identical settings will be conscious of their surroundings in different ways. One notices the sigh of wind through the trees outside, the smell of home, the filtering of light through a window. The other is conscious only of the thoughts in her mind. She sees nothing through open eyes, only vaguely aware of the softness of the chair, the temperature of the room.

Together they contemplate the moment: relationship troubles, hunger, carpet fuzz, sanity.

Our minds process what they will, and no more. The daily bombardment of physical, mental and emotional stimuli in our lives would otherwise paralyze us.

We see the world through a pinprick lens, colored by our personal quirks and neuroses. This is why people value storytellers even when everything under the sun has already been said. We are all voyeurs. We want to see how you see.


About Bika

Bika is a temperamental geek and writer, living in a Portland orbit.

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